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When preparing to invest in custom cabinets, it’s important to know what your choices are. In today’s blog, Bailey Custom Woodworking introduces you to the more commonly requested hardwoods for custom kitchen cabinets. If you are looking for custom cabinets in Springfield, IL, we do the finest, most thorough work.

Cherry Wood Cabinets

Cherry cabinets vary in color from near white to rich reddish browns. Throughout their color range, they carry reddish earth tones that can help a kitchen come alive with a warm and cozy feeling. Cherries are among the harder of the hardwoods and are difficult to dent or scratch, especially if finished properly. Cherry has a smooth and relatively uniform patterning and texture in its grains. One of cherry wood’s most desired features is the dark patina that forms after years and years of use. This means that any cherry wood will darken to a degree over the years, which brings out an illustrious and rich look. Cherry is one of the more popular woods to be used in custom cabinetry for traditional styled kitchen decor.

Maple Wood Cabinets

Maple is a versatile and bright wood that comes in creamy white to reddish white tones. These bright colors help a kitchen feel large. The natural textures and sheens of maple brings a sense of texture and rich natural patterns to the cabinets. Maple varieties vary considerably in luster and patterning. One type, waterfall maple, even resembles the waves and pouring of a waterfall and, even when unfinished, it’s sheen brings out vibrant golden tones when viewed at different angles.

Oak Woods Cabinets

Oaks are among the oldest growing trees and their wood reflects that endurance and beauty. Oak wood is tough to the point that it is perfect for kids and the day in and day out use of a family. Oak comes in colors ranging from white to pink, almost red, and may even carry minerals that color the wood with yellows, greens, and even black streaks. Both red and white oak are popular in custom cabinetry. Their grain patterns and red or golden tones are sought after visually, plus they carry the lifelong durability of any custom oak cabinetry.

Hickory Wood Cabinets

Hickory tends to be a pale, creamy yellow color that carries reddish tones throughout it. Like Oak, Hickory custom cabinets offer some of the finest durability ratings, and looks amazing with a clear or natural finish. Hickory is a common choice for contemporary or rustic styled kitchens and gives off warm colors with relatively uniform grain patterning. Hickory has a wide color range within the same pieces due to the differences between the deep heartwood and the lively outer sapwood of the tree. This allows hickory to offer a wider contrast range in the same pieces and can help to bring out the natural look and feel of the wood, making it a natural choice for rustic and traditional looks, and any kitchen that pairs with other natural features.

Birch Wood Cabinets

Like Oak, Birch is a fine grained wood that is resilient even by hardwood standards. Birch comes slightly darker than maple with more muted gold tones. Birch commonly has open knots, small cracks, mineral streaks, and a wide variety of grain variations. With the right finishes, Birch can be a replacement for cherry or maple wood that will still give the rich warm colors but without the sought after patina of cherry wood or the vibrant sheens of maple. Many designers use Birch as its own look as some of its tones can lend itself to more contemporary or rustic looks.

Pine Wood Cabinets

Pine is the only soft wood that is regularly used in custom cabinetry. Though it can be dented easier than its hardwood compatriots, pine is still a resilient custom cabinet choice that lends itself to traditional and rustic styles. The use of beetle-kill pine wood opens the yellow and blonde tones of wood up into a unique blue color. This blue streaked wood has become popular in limited custom applications and styles. Pine is popular in beadboard style cabinets to help add the cottage feel to your warm, rustic kitchen.

We hope that this guide has helped you begin to have an understanding of the hardwood types that are popular for custom cabinetry. If you are in Springfield, IL and have a particular kitchen look or wood type in mind, contact your professional custom woodworkers and custom cabinet builders at Bailey Custom Woodworking. Give us a call for more information regarding the wood options we have available, or to get a quote for the custom cabinets of your dreams.